Ready, Set…..GO!

Dear Daughter,233374

So the countdown begins; seven days until we move you out of the safety of your bedroom to a shared space in a dormitory that you will call home. I’ve know this day would come since you arrived in this world, and I tried really hard to listen to the wise women who cautioned me that your childhood would go too quickly. It did.

Even though this is one of the many defining moments that I’ve prepared you to be ready for, I realize now that  I did not adequately prepare myself.  I am so excited that you are about to embark on a life full of freedoms and choices, but somewhere between diaper changes and high school graduation I lost track of the mental tick-sheet I was keeping to remind me of the important life lessons I wanted to share with you.  So now I wonder, did I prepare you for this journey? Did I adequately convey everything I feel is important and profound about our time on this planet?

The artifacts of your new life, posters, bedding and all of the “stuff” that indicates you are in fact heading off to college are packed and ready to go; ready to be set up to help you chart the course to your dreams.  As I stand back and watch with amazement at who you’ve become, I cannot help but fret a little and wonder if I’ve given you everything you need in your emotional luggage to make those dreams come true.

Allow your mom to gently remind you of six key tenants that will serve you well in college and in life.  These are the things I hope I’ve taught you through my own life and are the beliefs I hold most true to my soul:

You are the creator of your destiny — Do not let anyone, a roommate, a professor, a counselor, friends or family members steer your ship.  Buck the collective consciousness at every turn, and remember to tell the Universe what it is you wish to be in alignment with; and so it will be.

Words are powerful — Choose your words wisely.  I hope you speak with compassion to others as well as of yourself.  Be positive when speaking to the Universe of your hopes and dreams.

Live with passion —  No doubt your beliefs will evolve with experience, but live with conviction for what you believe in every step of the way. Make room for the beliefs of others — some day you may have more in common with your adversaries than you ever anticipated.

Judge gently — You can never ever know what has brought someone to the place they are in.  Remember that everyone is making the absolute highest choice they are capable of, given their history, in every moment.

Be your own advocate — Stand up for what’s right in your heart, but never put someone else’s desires before your own; it is the grand plan that everyone’s needs shall be met.  You take nothing from someone else by claiming your heart’s calling.

Have Fun —  Approach your future as one might approach a carnival, with wist and excitement and laughter.  Your path does not lead to happiness, it is to be sprinkled with laughter and fun throughout.

I wish I could say that sharing this advice calmed the panic in my mind and feelings of missing you that are already bubbling up in my heart.  Knowing you are ready to embark on your greatest adventure does not make me ready, but it does make me proud of you!

Be your amazing self, Maggie!  Don’t shy away from your light and remember to take up your space in the world.  You have taught me much about who I am, and now I  look forward to connecting with the young woman you are becoming.

I love you,



About Teri Johnson

I have been a life coach and meditation teacher since 1999. More importantly, for me, I have had the pleasure of being a mom for 20 years. But what really defines me is my passion for living an authentic life. I have a friend who calls me "Buddhist with and edge." I'm not a practicing Buddhist, but it sums up my approach to life quite nicely. Thank you for stopping by and ENJOY!
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2 Responses to Ready, Set…..GO!

  1. Patrick Dunn says:

    4/13/15 If Maggie is anything like the young HS senior of my memory, Mom & Dad are blessed!
    Happy Birthday Mom! May all your wishes come true today and forever!

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